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Uganda is gifted by nature and indeed the Pearl of Africa! Found in East-Africa, it has a rich flora and fauna, great landscapes, and a rich culture and spirituality that is documented since the 13th Century.
Uganda is 1,200m above sea level, astride the equator between latitudes 4°12' to the north and 1°29' to the south, and between longitudes 29°34' and 35°00' to the east. It borders Kenya in the east, the United Republic of Tanzania in the south, and Rwanda in the south-west, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west and Sudan in the north.
It has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging between 21 & 27 degrees Celsius during the day, and between 12 & 18 degrees Celsius during the night. The hottest months are from December to February with temperatures averaging 27 & 29 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is from April to May, and October to November. This hence means that Uganda can be visited anytime throughout the year.
English, Swahili, and Bantu dialects are the most commonly spoken languages. The official currency of the Country is “Uganda Shillings”, which trades with the dollar between 3,600 & 3,900 shillings per dollar.
Uganda’s Capital City is Kampala. Entry to Uganda is through the Entebbe Airport by air, and through its borders using road and partly railway transport.

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The Gorilla

Nyero Rock

Amabere ga Nyinamwiru

Rubaga Cathedral


Namugongo Shrine


Bahai Temple

Murchison Falls

Igongo Museum

Semliki Hotsprings

Uganda Museum

Mountain Rwenzori

National Theatre

Uganda Equator

Ndere Troupe

The Source of the Nile

Kitagata Hotsprings

Kasubi Tombs

Namirembe Cathedral

The Rotherschild Giraffes


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